The Quarry Villa Maiano The Quarry Villa Maiano Quarry @ Villa Maiano Quarry @ Villa Maiano where Michelangelo worked to cut the granite to build his sculptures. Mike celebrated his 76 birthday at Villa Maiano 2016. 203972927 204001499 La Contessa Lucrezia Today this is home to La Contessa Lucrezia { Corsini } Miari Fulcis and her family. 204001500 VILLA MAIANO where 2 x famouse movies were filmed " A Room with a View " and " Tea with Mussolini " 204001501 Florentine Valley from Fiesole The view over the Florentine Valley from Fiesole and is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 204001502 Mike @ The Quarry with the raised sides called the Colonne. 204001503