An Artists Life An Artists Life The Last Supper, Premonition Mike broke new ground in the art world and at 24 years old when he won The Blake Prize for Religious Work { called spiritual work now ] The Last Supper 1964 "I did not know him then as I was still in school and 7 more major prizes in 8 years which saw his meteoric rise. MrJorn Utzon SOH presented the award and this modern work was front page in the newspapers and Mike received death threats which really spooked him and made him shy of press and publicity. Over the next 2 years his work will be in 4 major exhibitions and we are working on a publication of The Life and Work of Mike Kitching by Gavin Fry. Mike cut up a cedar table and Jesus, Judas and the apostles are made of aluminium circles, there is the crown of thorns in wire." - Antonia Hoddle Kitching. To make this winning assemblage Mike dismembered a cedar table for his Art Work and used aluminum, wood, nails, paint including gold paint and the finished work was deliberately aged by blow torch to appear to be 400 - 500 years old. Rosemary Crumlin author of? The Blake Book , Art , Religion and Spirituality in Australia - Celebrating 60 Years of the Blake Prize wrote Before all else Kitching wanted to make a contemporary Icon that would be an object for reflection centred on the narrative of the Last Supper. The work can be read like a literary narrative : the large red disc is the symbol of the suffering Christ ; the smaller ones are the apostles ? like the communion wafers around the table. Judas Iscariot; the traitor is identified by name and sign, the three nails in the centre panel are the Blessed Trinity; the chalice in halves signals the impending departure of Jesus to his death; the right panel stands for for Easter. To quote Donald Brook, Canberra Times 6 November 1964 The Blake Prize : Churches which encourage and use art { as Kitchings } who deliberately seek to build it into their style of life, are not only sensitive to the main movements of our times, but also to what is most interesting and best about these movements. "I gave up orthodox religion a long time ago, but I've never given up on the belief that my Art is a religious act. I bumped into a Greek friend once who told me that aisthetikos, is to see the meaning. Artists do that all the time. They are the best people to define God because they are always reaching beyond. That's what I've come to realise, anyway." - Mike Kitching 205083229 25 November 2017 @ home interview Grimwade Institute of Humanities , Melbourne University for NATIONAL GALLERY VICTORIA Interviewing Mike for ? THE FIELD RE VISITED ? Celebrating 50 Years National Art Gallery Victoria April 2018 205083227 Italy 2016 Maggio 2016 Villa Maiano , Fiesole learning how olive oil is made. 205083231 Leonardo da Vinci Museum , Firenze 2016 ?? Mike was himself a very Renaissance Man 205083230 Antonia & Fiamma Kitching Melbourne 2018 The Field Revisited 205083228 Open Fireplace Chopping wood and keeping our fuel stove going was a major occupation of Mike?s we are heavily wooded so we have grown our own timber for 50 years. 205083232