Mike Kitching

Mike Kitching


Curriculum Vitae

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Mike Kitching, Sculptor
Australian Artist - "Seqvanae Studios"
Born 1940 Hull, England, Uk and arriving in Australia 1952
Curriculum Vitae:
  • Prizes
  • Artist In Residence
  • Scholarships
  • Awards
  • Commissions
  • Exhibitions
  • Collections
  • Publications
  • Visiting Lecturer
  • Projects
1964 Mike won the Blake Prize with his monumental "Last Supper - Premonition"In recent years Mike has received numerous commissions including major works for the supreme court building, Sydney Olympic Park Peace Monument and Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney. Kitching's work is represented at the Australian National Art Gallery Canberra, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Mildura Arts Centre, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston, and Ballarat Art Gallery.


Pictured: Blake Prize 1964 Mike Kitching
Last Supper-Premonition. Pictured on the left, the artist faces reporters after the judges decision had been announced. Pictured on the right is Mr Kitching with Jorn Utzon & the Deputy Managing Director.

  • Prizes for Painting & Sculpture

  • Taffs Prize for Painting

  • Blake Prize for Religious Art  

  • Young Contemporaries Art Prize

  • RAS Farmers Sculpture Prize

  • Manly Art Prize

  • Muswellbrook Art Prize

  • Berrima Art Prize

  • Queen Victoria Museum Prize

  • Mildura Purchase Prize

  • Arthur Phillip Sculpture Prize

  • Australia Business Arts Foundation

  • Champion Cultural project for the “Australia Bells”

Artist In Residence

Pictured: Chateau de La Rochefoucauld
"The history of the castle is deeply connected to the history of the family of La Rochefoucauld, which itself, fits into, century after century, the political life of its time."

  • Sydney College of Fine Arts University of NSW, Australia.

  • Chateau de La Rochefoucauld, Charente France.

  • Seqvanae Studios Lovett Bay, Sydney Australia.


Pictured: Peace Monument
Sydney Olympic Bicentennial Park
Commissioned by the NSW Premier's Department 1988

  • Lymm Grammar Student Scholarship UK

  • Flotta Lauro Travelling Scholarship

  • Dyason Bequest

  • Alcorso Sekers Travelling Scholarship


Pictured: Seqvanae 1978.
Polished Stainless Steel and Red Fibre Glass. ACT Health Building ForecourtCnr Alinga and Moore Streets, Civic.

  • Blake Prize

  • Australian Design Award

  • Prince Phillip Award of Merit


Sculpture “Temple 1”
Courtyard by Antonia Hoddle
Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Melbourne

Aerial Sculpture “On Air”
New Children’s Hospital, Westmead
Dr John Yu, Lawrence Nield & Partners

Aerial Sculpture “Great White Bird”
Sydney International Airport, Federal Airports Corporation
Colin Griffith

Monument “Marconi Monument”
Sydney Town Hall
The Italian Community

Monument “International Peace Year Monument”
Premier of NSW, Bicentennial Park, Homebush

Sculpture “Mandata”

Sculpture “Who told you, you are naked”
Prime Minister’s Department ACT
Daryl Jackson Architects

Sculpture “Messenger”
Rupert Murdoch Offices

Sculpture “Glasshenge”
Premier of NSW, Darling Harbour, Sydney

Sculpture “Teleobelisk”
Telstra Headquarters, Sydney

Sculpture “Seqvanae”
Goddess of Healing
Health Commission ACT

Sculpture “Nel Aria”
Princess Electra Marconi
London UK

Ballet Set for Ballet “Nania”
Opening of the Sydney Opera House

Theatre Set for the play “Eh”
Community Theatre Sydney

Music Stands “Butterfly”
Joan Sutherland
Richard Bonynge

Sculpture “Keeper of the Movements of the Earth”
John Kaldor

Sculpture “Aesculapius”
Headquarters Australian Medical Association ACT

Sculpture “Sky Door Key”
Ken Cowley

Painting “Oriental Night”
Joseph Brown

Sculpture “Rain Dream”
Pat Corrigan

Cenotaph “Victory Phoenix Eternal Flame”
Freshwater Sydney

Mural “Mural”
Bankstown Square
Lend Lease, Civil and Civic

Mural “Thredbo Unlimited”
Thredbo Hotel, Civil and Civic

Sculpture “Anchorage”
On board Abel Tasman
Stanley Horwitz

Sculpture “Blueprint for Kookaburras”
Ross Bonthorne, Lend Lease

Sculpture “Bride and Groom”
Dr Nic Jools

Sculpture “Crucifixion Alter Idem”
John Kaldor

Sculpture “Big Sapho”
Watts Building, Brisbane
Peter Forest Associates QLD

Sculpture “Moonshot”
Dr John Carpenter
Museum of Contemporary Art

Sculpture “Nimrud”
Comalco Australia

Sculpture “Printed Circuit”
Fairchild Australia, VIC

Sculpture “Phoenix 1”
Neville Gruzman, Edgecliff, NSW

Sculpture “Rainbow Birds”
Robert & Fiona Hoddle
Gunible Station

Sculpture “Fifty Year Puzzle”
Jeremy Nash, London UK

Fountain, Meyer & Leila Rosenblum

Fountain, Laurence Le Quesne

Sculpture “The Leaf”
Douwe Egbert – Stuart Alexander

Sculpture “Mariner II”
Dr James Poate

Sculpture “Snake Walk”
Susie & Dudley Dunn

Sculpture “In Courtship of the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo”
The St George Bank

Sculpture “Bride and Groom”
Remington Centre
Hoffer Reid Associates

Sculpture “Courtship of Snakes”
Dr Nic Jools

Sculpture “Currawong”
Richard Hill, Lovett Bay NSW

Sculpture “Rainbow Birds”
Paul Naughton
D J Industries, Sydney

Sculpture “Mendels House”
Peter Weiss

Sculpture “Exit”
Peter and Doris Weiss

Painting “Night Harbour”
Meyer & Leila Rosenblum

Memorial “Jennifer Gedye Memorial”
Mr and Mrs Lillaine Gedye
Berwick, VIC

Sculpture “Sentinel Black”, “Sentinel Blue”, “Sentinel White”
John Kaldor, Chairman
Museum of Contemporary Art

Sculpture “Corridor and Stairway”
Gaden Bowen & Stewart
Neville Gruzman

Sculpture “Red Desert Tree”
Maria Evans

Sculpture “Jubilee”
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Peter Weiss

Sculpture “Rainbow Birds”
R K Hill Icena, TAS

Sculpture “Magnification”
Bronte Douglas
The Douglas Practice

Sculpture “Horizon”
Harry M Miller

Sculpture “Double Obelisk”
Dr Jean & Charles Battersby

Sculpture “Aesculapius”
Dr Tim Wilson

Fountain and Courtyard, “Cumulo nimbus”
Gordon and Jeanette King
Woolahra, NSW

Sculpture “Sentinel 1”
Gordon Stewart

Sculpture “Sentinel 2”
Peter Bowen

Sculpture “Antipodean Egg”
Reg Richardson

Sculpture “Spotted Gum”
Dermer & Marylin Bennet

Sculpture “Sky Shadow”
Lawrence Nield & Associates
New Children’s Hospital

Sculpture “Wedding Trees”
Margaret Throsby and Graham McCarter

Sculpture “Ultra Violet”
Dr Nic Jools

Sculpture “Fire Door”
Peter and Doris Weiss

Sculpture “Magpie Tree”
John Kaldor

Sculpture “Summer Shower”
Ken and Virginia Wolley

Sculpture “Wind Warning”
Neil Burley and Jane Munro

Sculpture “Whisper to me Wind”
Geelong University, VIC

Sculpture “Kiss”
Rebel Penfold Russel

Sculpture “The Gateway”
Alex Popov, Architect

Sculpture “Bell 9999”
Douglass Shears
ICM International Limited

Memorial “Justin McCuaig Memorial”
Cranbrook School, Sydney

Sculpture “Summer Rain”
Tjerk and Edwina Dusseldorp

Sculpture “Cut in – Cut out”
John Walton

Sculpture “Cockatoo Tree”
Robert Ashton

Sculpture “Gateway in the Forest”
Dr Tim Wilson

Painting “Night Scape”
Meyer & Leila Rosenblum

Sculpture “Resurrection”
Ted Noffs Foundation

Sculpture “Headlands”
John Kaldor & Naomi Besen

Assemblage “Around the Dark Side of the Moon”
The Nash Family
Gsteig By Gstard, Switzerland

Assemblage “Becket”
Zeta Nash, Paris, France

Sculpture “Ring Blast”
Bob Frost

Sculpture “Small world”
Graham Bond
Aunty Jack

Sculpture “Resurrection”
Michael Roberts
Electronics Engineer

Sculpture “Gai-um-garm”
Sonia Mattosian
Chateau de La Rochefoucault, France

Sculpture “Chene de la Tempete”
Guillaume Klotz
Paris, France

Sculpture “Tempete Chene”
Paul Meurier
Director of the Charente, France

Sculpture “Break in – Break Out”
John Walton

Sculpture “Family Tree”
David and Kathy Mist

Sculpture “Tianjara Falls” 35o 7’ S  150o 19’ E
Neil Burley, Designer

Sculpture “New Life”
Alex Popov, Architect

Sculpture “Zhumulangmafeng” (Mount Everest)
37o 56’ N  124o 40’ E
Bruce McDhai Explorations

Sculpture “Boobook Tree”
Dr Ilan Sebgan
Optics Microsurgeon

Sculpture “Rainbow House”
Robyn Berkeley

Micro Marquettes “Wind, Light & Water”
Lend Lease Design
Barrangaroo East, Darling Harbour

Assemblage “Bulkhead”
Tron Overend & Libby Corrigan
Brighton, VIC

Assemblage “Guardian”
Manly Art Prize
Carrol & Peter Muller

Painting “Pyrmont Power House”
James & Ruth Walker
Wallaga Lake

Sculpture “Nevada Fission”
Patrick Corrigan
Gold Coast Art Gallery

Sculpture “Burning Bush”
Newcastle Museum

Totem “Zygote”
A Hoddle, Lovett Bay

Sculpture “Wind and Wild Birds”
Ginny Green

Sculpture “Ultra Violet”
Newcastle Regional Gallery

Sculpture “Exit”
Stephen Russell, Barrister

Painting “Spanish Dancer” 1962
Lewers Collection

Sculpture “Red Belly Black”
Richard Glasson

Sculpture “The Mask”
Anne Von Bertouch
Private Collection

Maquette “Gateways”
Phillip’s Landing, Phillip Bay

Sculpture “The Major and Mrs Mitchell’s Antipodean Egg”
Dr Jean Battersby

Sculpture “Nevada Fusion”
Patrick Corrigan
Gold Coast Art Gallery

Sculpture “Snake Walk”
Dr Nic Jools

Sculpture “Bride and Groom”
Armadale Regional Gallery

Originator “The Australia Bells”
Champion Cultural Project Award
Australian Business Arts Foundation
A National Icon


Design Projects Signage “Murdoch Avenue” Project
Adelaide Botanic Gardens

Tube Station “London Underground”
The Thinking Eye, UK

Honour Board, Ski Club of Australia
Thredbo, Mt Kosciusko

Executive Offices, Workplace Layout Modular
Desks and Furniture
Charles J Berg, Swiss Bank
Development Underwriting, Four floor, Bank of New Zealand

Sculpture Showrooms

John Kaldor Fabric Maker, Sydney

Offices Furniture & Warehouse
Sydney 1 & 2

Showroom Office & Storage
David Dunn Jewellery
Double Bay

Myer & Rupert Rosenblum
Elizabeth Street, Sydney

Executive Offices Showrooms and Furniture
General Industrial Plastics
London, UK

Gallery Interior
Barry Stern Art Gallery

Office, Display and Storage
Balmain Record Store
Robert King

General Industrial Plastics
London, UK

Air Structures
London, UK

Restoration “Fishermans Cottage”
20 Pacific Street, Watsons Bay
Dr Frank & Marcelle Sharp

Restoration “Mullee Station”
Dan & Marina Lee Warner

Restoration “Gunible Station”
Robert & Fiona Hoddle
Gunnedah, NSW

Computer Terminal Design
Manufacture and Production Line
Time Computers Inc
Microcomputer ECS 1000
Electronic Control Systems
Video Index
Video Transfer Ltd
Television and Audio Systems
Pye of Cambridge, UK
River Cruiser Design
Pye of Cambridge
River Cam, UK

Tow Man Canoes, Design & Build
Murrumbidgee Expedition
Ferdie Diekhaus, Wagga, NSW

Fishing Boat, Redesign & Refit “Nurmi Star”
Marcelle Hoddle

Motor Cruiser, Redesign & Refit “Imp”
Dr Frank Sharp

Yacht, Redesign & Refit “Cordelia”
Dr Tim Wilson

Motor Boat “Seqvanae” 1910

Restoration 1970

Studio I
The Shed
Doohat Avenue
North Sydney

Studio II
Dobell Road

Studio III
Stable & Loft
The Lane
Coogee Bay Road

Home and Studio IV Garden “Seqvanae”
Lovett Bay, Pittwater
Antonia Hoddle

Exhibitions Design
International Electronics Exhibition
Pye of Cambridge UK
International Electronics Exhibition, Canberra ACT
Time Computers Inc

Exhibition Design
Work Skill Australia
Bowral, Sydney, Melbourne, Goulburn, Brisbane, Adelaide
Colour Anodising
Rolled Products Division

Jamieson Battery
Rock Group
Pye International Logo
Work Skill Australia
Evatt Foundation
Tolmet International

Work Skill Australia
Lillaine Gedye Arab Stud

Jennifer Gedye Memorial Prize
Bewick, VIC
ABC Rockwizz

Anton Trophy
Roslyn Lodge
Thredbo, Kosciusko

H V Evatt
Award of Excellence
HPM Industries Design Award

Philatelic Table
for the OTC Stamp Collection

Inflatable Furniture    
General Industrial Plastics
London, UK

Transparent Furniture
John Kaldor Showrooms

Dining Table Sound System‘Seqvanae”
Lovett Bay, Pittwater

Coats of Arms
Commonwealth Law Courts
McConnell Smith & Johnson
Supreme Court of NSW
McConnell Smith & Johnson
Law Courts Limited
Australian Embassy
Bangkok, Thailand
Ankher Morlocks & Woolley
Family Law Courts
Workers Compensation
Law Courts Tan O’Neil
Australian Maritime Museum
Darling Harbour, Sydney

“Big Red & True Blue”
Work Skill Australia
Skill Olympics

Cordless Phone
Industrial Fixings
Automotive Components
Wet Weather Clothing
Air Structures
Inflatable Furniture
Inflatable Lighting
Security Devices

Landscaping & Roadworks
Icena” Airfield Road & Tree Planting
External Forecourt
Courtyard & Paving
Sculpture Placement
R K Hill, Mussel Roe Bay, Tasmania

Landscaping “Seqvanae”
Excavation & Retaining Walls
Paths, Steps & Garden
Little Lovett Bay, Pittwater

“Elvina Lodge” Garden Layout
Excavation & Structures
Coopers Point, Pittwater
“Justin McCuiag Memorial Seat”
Forecourt Levels & Excavation
Retaining Wall & Garden
Cranbrook School, Sydney

Courtyard Sculpture
Designed by Antonia Hoddle for the Sculpture “Temple 1”
Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Melbourne

Excavation & Filling
Grading & Drainage
Ku-ring-gai Beach Estate
Coopers Point, Pittwater

1960's Original Print
by Mike Kitching


One Man Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions
Throughout Australia
Representing Australia in:
United States of America
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Pacific Islands

Private Galleries
Studio 183
Blaxland Gallery
Stern Galleries
Mary Street Gallery
The Hungry Horse Gallery
Bonython Gallery Sydney
Bonython Gallery Adelaide
South Yarra Gallery
Georges Gallery
Nundah Gallery
Von Bertouch Gallery
Ivan Dougherty Gallery
Heide Museum of Modern Art
Newport Artworks
Richard Glasson Gallery

Recent Exhibitions
Keeping Company, Manly Art Gallery, Feb-Mar 2011
Sculpture At Scenic World, Blue Mountains 2013
Sculpture In The Vineyards, 2014

Corporate Collections
News Limited
John Kaldor
Peter Weiss
Adele Weiss
Telstra O T C
Horwitz Publications
Lend Lease
Stuart Alexander
AMA Limited
St George Bank
Fairchild Australia
ICM Limited
Law Courts Ltd
The Douglas Practice
Walton Enterprises
Century Custom Services
General Industrial Plastics, London
Corrigan Collection

Harbord Diggers Club  Senotaph by Mike Kitching


Private Collections
United States of America
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Achille Lauro, Indian Ocean

Public Collections
National Gallery of Australia, ACT
Deakin University, VIC
Museum of Contemporary Art
University of West Australia
University of Technology & Science
Geelong University, VIC
Geelong Art Gallery, VIC
Mildura Arts Centre
Muswellbrook Art Gallery
New England Art Gallery
Art Gallery of West Australia
City Arts Institute Collection
Ivan Dougherty Gallery
Maritime Museum, Sydney
Queen Victoria Museum, TAS
Newcastle Regional Museum
Newcastle Art Gallery
Mertz Collection, USA
Queensland Art Gallery
National Library, ACT
Ballarat Fine Art Gallery
Penrith Art Gallery Lewers Bequest
Australian National University
Gold Coast cultural Centre

Corporate Collections
News Limited
John Kaldor
Peter Weiss
Adele Weiss
Telstra O T C
Horwitz Publications
Lend Lease
Stuart Alexander
AMA Limited
St George Bank
Fairchild Australia
ICM Limited
Law Courts Ltd
The Douglas Practice
Walton Enterprises
Century Custom Services
General Industrial Plastics, London
Corrigan Collection

Australian Medicine
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Mike Kitching at work in his Sydney studio 1960's


Artist Talks - Woollahra Small Sculpture price 2017


The Field Revisited Mike Kitching
“ Phoenix11”

Click on the image to download a PDF file re: 2018 Filed Revisited Artists.

Pictured: wife Antonia Hoddle and daughter, Fiamma Kitching with the original Phoenix 11 sculpture made in 1968 on exhibition .